"Dolly'll never go away again!"

Who do I think I am?

Houghton W. Moon and a lot of fish.

Houghton W. Moon abt. 1915 and a lot of fish.

I think most people go through a phase of wanting to know where they come from?   We’re often familiar with our grandparents, and sometimes a great grandparent. But I often wondered about their parents, grand parents and great grand parents.  My mother’s side is pretty well-documented, with scores of cousins and relatives–but the Moon side, not so much.

In the late 90′s while, my father was still living, I started poking around online.  I posted to a few genealogy message boards with what I knew, but that effort yielded zero replies or leads over the years. It was all still a puzzle, with only a few family stories and a box of unmarked sepia photographs  as clues to my lineage.  I knew we were probably the end of the line of our branch of the Moon’s, and was also curious about other close branches, and if they survived.

Every few years my curiosity would get piqued, and I’d dig deep into Google searches looking for a bridge to connect me to the many Moon family lines.  And in 2011, I found my great grandfather, Houghton Wesley Moon at the end of a family tree. From there I was about to click though 700 years of Moon’s through a direct paternal linage–wow!  In America, it started with Robert Moone, a tailor that came to Boston, MA from England in the 1640′s and eventually settled in Newport, RI.  My line eventually would wind up in Queensbury, NY sometime in the late 1700′s.

At the same time, my search lead me to my great great grandmother’s sister’s family line, alive and well.  And thanks to my newly discovered cousin, Janice Beaver, I have an abundance of family information about the Dundas side of the family, which is the maiden name of my great great grandmother, and mother to Fannie Dundas Miles Moon– my great grandmother and husband to Houghton.  I suddenly found myself in information overload, because there were so many directions I could go, so I took a break.

Moon's Ferry

Moon’s Ferry. As seen from the West side of the Sacramento River, Sutter Co., CA. Lithograph from Thompson & West’s “History of Sutter County, California” (1879).

Now back to the Moons… A few weeks ago, my interest was piqued again.  But I think I’m a little more prepared to not get too overloaded and off task.  And again, I made a breakthrough by finding and contacting Moon descendants in California.  Also, I’ve been able to place people different places at different times and learned specifics about deaths and gravesites.  Also, I refreshed my memory of a lineage that goes back to the 1200′s, an English castle, connections to six or seven presidents, a princess, a prince, several Prime Ministers and a great, great, great, great grandfather who served as a Minuteman in the Revolution in Rhone Island and under the command of LaFayette.

I plan to put this all together here, taking 100 years at a time and moving backwards.