"Strut down the street and have your picture took."

Top Flight, Inc. Rocks in-house social strategy …

It’s true that Social Rocks! really doesn’t require a special or set criteria other than, “Hey you! Yes you … awesome effort!” But when we make the commitment to print the poster, we also want to make clear why a recipient was chosen.

SMAC is an advocate of social media best practices. We want to encourage businesses, organizations and public services to embrace a more social culture with their operations, public relations and marketing efforts. Top Flight, Inc. is a very good example of a local company that has found value in leading a consistent social media strategy and building a digital footprint to help better connect and communicate with their customers and prospects. It’s clear that they realize that it’s not all about selling notebooks and folders, but encouraging relationships and putting a personality on their brand and products. It also reinforces their stated dedication to the customer.

Top Flight, Inc. has also proven by example that social media is not just for new businesses or start-ups—they began as the Atlas Paper Box Company in 1920, and have been working continuously for over 90 years. One of the biggest barriers for established and traditional-mined companies is the misconception that social media is all about the technology, when it’s mostly about communication, conversation, reach and message.

Lastly, Top Flight executes their work in-house and being close to the product and encouraging a social culture within a company can really make a huge difference in the results and value.

We especially give Top Flight, Inc. a two paper-cutless thumbs up for …

  1. Eagerness
  2. Engagement
  3. Consistency

Visit their Web sites and follow their social media properties at …






Chattanooga’s original social media awards, ChattCHA and the Social Media Alliance of Chattanooga (SMAC) have teamed up to recognize socially savvy activity in the Scenic City. Both initiatives hope to encourage Chattanoogans to get creative with their social media strategies. “It’s a real-life ‘LIKE’,” said David Moon of the Social Media Alliance. “An impromptu thumbs-up rewarded to any business, organization or individual in the Chattanooga area for their cleverness using social media.” Both ChattCHA and SMAC share in the belief in promoting best practices in social media. The Social Media Alliance of Chattanooga has become a strong advocate for utilizing social media in business, organizations and government. They host educational events once a month, in addition to focused workshops and other meetups.ChattCHA is Chattanooga’s first annual juried Social Media Awards.

Although we’re always keeping our eyes on social media activities in Chattanooga, considerations for Social Rocks! can be emailed to smac@nooga.org.