"We feel the room swayin'. For the band's playin'."

The making of Kontaroo

I’ve taken on some larger projects in my career, but imagining the Kontaroo has been a huge challenge and sometimes royal pain in the buttocks.  Which is not to say that I DO NOT love the work and creative process, because I do.  I really do!  But building and fabrication is slightly foreign to me, which has put me at a disadvantage of my creative vision and practical reality.  Which is why I decided to journal through the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the lifecycle of this project as I learn my way to building the prototype.

“Kontaroo is a renewed approach to affordable indoor/outdoor living for the weekend to full-time adventurer using up-cycled shipping containers.”

Let’s start at the very beginning with a quick lesson about me… As a youth I often found myself sketching floor plans on notebook and scraps of paper, and presenting “custom” built homes to teachers, family and other adults who would kindly take them.  Actually, from about seven years old, I’ve had an interest in architecture after visiting the mansions of Newport, Rhode Island. But, I don’t recall ever aspiring becoming an architect as a kid.  I doodled a lot growing up, and seriously considered a career in interior and stage design.  And through my twenties and thirties, I continued an interest in architecture as a closeted, armchair space designer, watching This Old House, HGTV, do-it-yourself , interior design and real estate themed shows.

Over the past two years, I’ve been casually watching what folks were doing with storage containers (cargotecture) as shelters and small or tiny homes.  Container projects run gamut of temporary housing for poor or storm victims to permanent  structures for residential use.  They can be stacked to add square footage, and their steel structure makes them nearly indestructible.

As I started to talk to a friend this past summer who’s in the scrap metal business, it all clicked as an idea.  And I started to do intense market research, discovering many suprises…