"Get out your feathers. Your patent leathers. Your beads and buckles and bows."

Social Media Alliance goes south

While the Social Media Alliance of Chattanooga is on hiatus till early 2013, I’m happy to announce a second chapter in Tampa, FL. I’ve tried to rally a few people I know over the past few years to take on a SMA group in other cities.  I finally feel that I have the resources and interest to make it happen in the Tampa Bay area.

The Social Media Alliance of Chattanooga was founded in early 2011.  It’s mission is to bring together a proactive community of marketing professionals in the Greater Chattanooga, TN area to discuss real-life best practices of social media and digital marketing. They’re committed in enabling their members to network in a friendly, ethical, creative and collaborative environment.

They are an amplifier of great things, while encouraging a social media savvy Chattanooga through year-round promotions, community partnerships and outreach.  It’s the second largest independent social media group in the south.

The Social Media Alliance of Tampa (or SMAT) will have the same mission with a similar format.  There will be more news to share in January, with a first quarter launch in 2013.