"Strut down the street and have your picture took."

SMAC Afterhours at the Urban Stack

SMAC at the Urban Stack, Chattanooga

Cheers to another successful smac event on June 2nd at the Urban Stack in Chattanooga.  And a big thanks to followers of smac and the Urban Stack crew; including owner,Taylor Monen,Tenley Mayfield and all of our servers—they did a GREAT job!

Over the next week, the BOA will be in the process of selecting speakers and venues for our next few events.  Expect a luncheon in July, with possibly an another Afterhours towards the end of July, or sooner.

Again, thanks for everyone who follows us on and offline!  Also, thanks to the many businesses and individuals who have reached out and offered help.  We welcome your input; f you have a question, suggestion or comment, email us at smac@nooga.org.