"Show some snap, find her an empty lap!"

Kontaroo: My hero!

It hasn’t been easy fitting a 18′ x 8′ garage door into a roughly 40′ x 8′ steel box.  A glass and aluminum garage door was my first thought for the Kontaroo’s “hero” side, and I went through what seemed like dozens of options before settling with some confidence that it’ll actually work.  Most other suitable solutions were not cost-effective or would have been space prohibited.

Originally the goal was to deliver a basic or bare-boned Kontaroo for about $15,000.  I think we’ve pushed past that retail point by a few thousand.  After all, these are meant to be durable and long-lasting shelters, and you cannot get cheap for the sake of hitting a number.  What you fill a Kontaroo with is a big determining factor of the final retail price and overall cost, but we’re still aiming chic and cheap… ehem, affordable.

I released the “hero” side of the Kontaroo last night on Facebook and Twitter, and this version with the black anodized aluminum finish this morning.  I’m working on the opposite side today, which has a standard sized door and a few windows.  You might argue that it’s the front, and in many cases it’ll be.  If the hero side is facing a lake, or the ocean, or any view, you might consider it the back or rear.  But as a poolhouse, or facing a courtyard, it may be considered the front.  The bathroom cap (right) will have a notched frosted skylight.  The living area (left) will have opening cargo doors that can be secured, and a full length window configuration.  One vertical pane will be frosted for privacy in the bed loft.

Kontaroo "Hero" elevation.

Kontaroo “Hero” elevation.

Also, Ed Garbee has been a great source of technical information and visuals. Here’s an earlier design he was playing with in GIMP and Sketchup. The fold-up doors were $9,000. Maybe at one point, they will be cost effective or can be rigged using regular panels.

silers bald box

Rendering by Ed Garbee,  Garbee Architecture, Chattanooga.