"Here's my hat fellas. I'm stayin' where I'm at, fellas."

Kontaroo is on the move

It’s time to revisit Kontaroo after a brief hiatus.  Sometimes rest after a period of over-conceptualizing makes a vision much clearer.

Konatroo started as a concept of inexpensive and livable space out of shipping containers.  It included a smart and unique signature shell design that allowed for interior flexibility to maximize the function of a custom interior.  Keeping it simple was key and a huge challenge.

The design has been slowly evolving, and a base Kontaroo is near completion.  I went back to a basic and bare-bones product.  This meant leaving much of the interior finishing and details to be completed by the Kontaroo owner.  This keeps cost down, and is more keeping with the original vision. The exterior will be mostly finished when shipped.

Moving Beyond the Basics…

By design, shipping containers are modular – meaning, they can be easily stacked for transport for their long journeys on ships.  But as I’ve been researching how others have been connecting containers for larger and expanded living spaces, I’m finding that it has involved a lot of guesswork, cutting and welding.  So, the next journey with Konatroo is a series of no-weld connector units, that make containers more modular for living.  This includes interior arches, doors and stair units (stacked containers) that bolt into place, are self-sealing and watertight.